Armed With a Dream – How a Young Egyptian Entrepreneur is Redefining Digital Marketing 

In the digital world of today, there is no shortage of opportunities and when opportunities arise, creativity is usually the launch pad. Having said this, our eyes were set on 20-year-old Ahmed El Garem, founder of AEG and currently immersing himself in studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the University of Prince Edward Island, hosted by the Universities of Canada in Egypt. In June 2019, El Garem spearheaded AEG, a company that revolves around Digital Marketing, Website Development, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, and redefines the idea of innovative and original campaigns, one whose signature mark can be identifiable.

With AEG’s consistent stream of quality, their competency and class in the digital world was ever more evident with reputable clients pouring in, including the Universities of Canada in Egypt, Sofitel Hotel, ACM Cosmetics, and many more. The young Egyptian entrepreneur first founded AEG when he was just 18-years-old, with creative ambition and persistence driving him towards the future, and as of now, the agency continues to be up and running on full throttle.

So, how did El Garem become inspired to create this unique brand? Having started out as a videographer, El Garem originally had aspired in shooting travel related videos until one day he was asked to shoot an advertisement, which would redirect his ambition into something he hadn’t expected. After his experience in shooting the advertisement, others started to request services from the young entrepreneur, services he had not yet excelled in and was not offering. Stimulated and encouraged by the experience, El Garem would go on to take several courses including social media and graphic design that would enable him in offering such services, and in order to broaden his creative horizon.

 It was a one-man show for eight months, until El Garem finally decided to expand his work, hiring his first team members. Fast forward one year later, the collective efforts of the entire team with El Garem on the frontline were able to land in the minds of reputable clients, and the company’s creative assets were indeed recognized. Striving to becoming one of the top-notch media production and marketing solutions agencies, AEG’s primary objective is to deliver their work with sheer originality and innovativeness. 

Armed with 10 young fresh minds, AEG’s team members have a positive and flexible dynamic that works in unity, as each member is aware of the goal that lays ahead, making the overall process in achieving their vision in a smoother manner. The clear and positive communication within the entire team is apparent, as they apply the same principles and values towards their clients, offering them a sense of trust in finding resourceful solutions to potential challenges. Due to positive feedback from clients directly, El Garem views his passion for content creation not as a job or a career, but rather as a hobby that has imbedded itself within his ambition.  

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