Mommy Diaries: The New Old Me


Being able to finally remove the labels maternity and nursing from your wardrobe are huge milestones for any mom… or so I’ve heard. I myself haven’t had the opportunity to truly erase those words from my life. Fortunately for me, Superdad is too busy at work to notice and my friends are too nice to tell me that perhaps I should change my outfit, or at least put the carb down.

But the time has come. The babies have outgrown me. Well at least they’ve outgrown me as their life support. I have no more excuses to throw around.  They’ve all been worn out. It is time to finally unlock the chest of pre baby jeans and work out clothes. This is my resolution to become the person I was. The skinny me has been locked away for far too long and she’s dying to come out and play. This isn’t about a diet or crazy detox. This is about a lifestyle change.

Time to cut all the crap out of my life. Time to set an example for my littles. No more burgers or pizzas. Regardless of how yummy they are… even if they are calling my name. I will empty the cupboards of all things fat inducing. My fridge will be stocked with fruits, veggies and all things healthy. Cookies and cakes will cease to exist in the pantry. It’s all about the good stuff. Well, the good-for-you stuff to be precise.

So here I am. Announcing it to the world… or at least to my 5 readers. (love you mom)

So if you happen to see me scarfing down something fried and stuffed with cheese and dipped in honey mustard, stop me. Please.