Mohamed Ramadan Shuts Down Hater on Social Media After Racist Comments About Him and His Son

There is no debate that Mohamed Ramadan is one of the most popular celebrities in the Arab World. He’s proved his success on several fronts, including acting and singing. As a celebrity that is loved and followed by millions, it is expected that not every message that Ramadan receives is positive; the superstar receives a lot of envy and hate as well.

The comment reads: Black like his father, none of his children took the beauty and color of their mother.

One of the haters shared a picture of Ramadan with his gorgeous son and wrote the most disgustingly racist comment about them both, but unfortunately for this person, the comment was spotted by Ramadan. Ramadan gracefully shut down the racist bully and said that he’s proud of his color and his son’s color and that he’s happy that his children will be brought up to be against racism and discrimination.

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