Mohamed bin Rashid Space Center Announces Partnership With National Geographic

Mohamed bin Rashed Space Center is teaming up with National Geographic to create a four-part documentary series; recording and sharing with the world the UAE’s space-related milestones, accomplishments, and unrestricted ambitions in relation to its National Space Programme.

The upcoming documentary series will represent the history and the establishment of the Emirati space industry. Along with its significance in overcoming our present and future crises that our planet face due to struggles such as climate change, loss of natural resources, as well as food shortages.

Via: Harperbazar Arabia

The series will also delve into the idea of what life beyond our planet would possibly look like. It will also focus on momentous events as well as projects in the UAE’S space legacy. Those are like the launch of the first Emirati satellite ‘KhalifaSat’ back in October 2018, the Emirati Mars Mission, and Hope Prob that aims to reach the famed red planet, Mars, by 2021.

The UAE’s Astronaut Programme is planning to also send the first Emirati astronaut to the International Space Station. In addition to Mars 2117 Strategy; which its plan is to establish a fully functioning and livable city on Mars by the year 2117.

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