Moamen Awad Becomes The First Egyptian Designer To Showcase At Times Square Billboard

Egyptian fashion designer Moamen Awad has made history by becoming the first Egyptian fashion designer to showcase his work on the screens of Times Square in New York. This achievement comes after his latest collection, which was filmed in the Saqqara desert, and received accolades from people abroad.

Over the past few years, Awad has gained fame for designing men’s suits for various festivals, particularly the Cairo and El Gouna festivals. His collaboration with numerous young stars, including Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Ahmed Hatem, Mohamed Hatem, Sedky Sakhr, Karim Qassem, Nicolas Mouawad, Ramy Radwan, Tariq Al-Ibiari, Hazem Ehab, and Youssef Othman has further solidified his reputation as a talented fashion designer.

The opportunity to display his latest collection on the iconic screens of Times Square is a significant milestone in Awad’s career. Times Square is known as one of the world’s most prominent advertising locations, attracting millions of visitors each year. Having his work showcased there not only brings global exposure to Awad but also highlights Egypt’s growing presence in the international fashion scene.

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