Mo Salah Got in Trouble and Might Face Legal Charges Because of This Video

We all know that fame can be a blessing and a curse. It is definitely not a blessing right now for our beloved Mo Salah, as he was videotaped in his white Mercedez Benz, surrounded with fans, and he was texting in his car while sitting behind the wheel. He eventually left the mobile phone and moved forward, but the ignored fans were not happy because he did not give them any attention.

This video has put Mo Salah in a legal issue, apparently because the Merseyside Police has officially announced in a tweet that they are forwarding this to the relative department.

“The club, after discussion with the player, has made Merseyside Police aware of the footage and the circumstances surrounding its capture,” a Liverpool spokesman said. Both Salah and the club declared that they will be making no further comments on this matter.

WE SAID THIS: Please Salah, drive safely and most importantly, never text and drive!