Middle East Film and Comic Con 2014

The Middle East Film and Comic Con is happening from Apr. 3-5 and will focus on comics, film, TV shows, collectables and pop art. Part of the month-long Dubai Art Season, the event will host international figures, from Seth Green and Michael Jai White to Sohaib Awan and Andrew Ainsworth, prominent names in the animation and comic industry.

But what makes this particular event special is its focus on regional talent to inspire young, creative minds and help support local artists expand and enhance their careers.

Here’s a roundup of who to expect from around the region:


Fawaz Hantash, founder of Sobyan W Banat journal, the first pan-Arab journal focused on children

Fawaz Hantash


Faisal Hashmi, UAE-based filmmaker who has won multiple awards for shorts films such as Bubble and Scrambled

Faisal Hashmi


Rayden Kusumo, Dubai-based illustrator and self-taught artist

Rayden Kusumo


Ashraf Ghori, award-winning artist and filmmaker best known for creating Error Xero

Ashraf Ghori


Ghada Al-Suwaidi, Qatari artist who will be sketching and selling her artwork from the Alter Ego main Floor.

Ghada Al-Suwaidi


Hicham Habchi, 2D and concept artist with passion for draftsmanship and video games. Habchi will also be sketching and selling his work from the Alter Ego main Floor.

Hicham Habachi


Oussama Agazzoum, Moroccan artist

Oussama Agazzoum


Greg Manwaring, industry giant and a Walt Disney animator who worked on Family Guy and The Lion King

Greg Manwaring 2


Khurram Alavi, renowned digital sculptor working in animation, toys and collectables. Alavi created the famous Sonic the Hedgehog statue line.

Khurram Alavi


Wafa al Marzouqi, author of children story books under her belt and owner of a production company creating stationary using her own designs

Wafa al Marzouqi


Saleh al Braik, founder of Think Up, a social hub created to support and inspire the next generation of talent in the GCC

Saleh al Braik


Omar Butti, filmmaker who worked on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and a finalist in Image Nation’s annual Arab Film Studios competition.

Omar Butti


Qais Sedki, founder and Manager Director of Pageflip Piblishing, Qais is also an award winning author

Qais Sedki


Stefan Messam, author and illustrator of the graphic novel Resurrection Lands

Stefan Messam


Mo Abedin, founder of the Foo Dog Brand, soon to be manga creator and toy designer and selected as a designer for Abu Dhabi Art’s UAE Designer program

Mo Abedin 2


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