Meet Mohamed Alnaas: The Libyan Director Behind The Major Pro-Boycott AD

With more than 100,000 likes on Instagram, one particular ad made quite a stir for its in-your-face, behind-the-curtains look at what happens in Palestine whenever anyone buys a boycotted item.

Visually striking, cinematic, and extremely well-crafted, we join the camera as it navigates us from the initial purchase all the way to seeing where that money goes. The final scene says it all, as we watch a bomb being made to be released onto Palestine.

Via Instagram

Harrowing and relentless in its depiction, it has created a social media uproar ever since its release. Behind this visual masterpiece is a Libyan director by the name of Mohamed Alnaas, a young filmmaker known to produce advertisements with powerful messages across the region. From Lebanon to Tunisia, he’s always traveling to shine a spotlight on people and deliver these messages.

In all his projects, he always touches upon humanity, shooting in a style that immediately causes a stir with anyone watching. Along with that, he stars, directs, films, and edits his work, putting his heart and soul into every project.

Seeing a young artist take it upon himself to bring to life powerful videos that are there to cause a stir and change minds showcases the potential of the younger Arab generation in pushing for a better world.

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