MedFest Egypt: A Festival That Merges Between Filmmaking and Health-related Social Issues

If there is one thing we have learned from history, it is that diverse forms of media can have a significant impact on individuals and groups. This influence can either be achieved by communicating a specific point of view or by sharing knowledge that empowers individuals and has an impact on their lives. Movies, for example, are a form of influential media that leaves an unforgettable impact due to the plot twists and excellent scripts that bring numerous stories to life and eventually to the big screen.

Therefore, many festivals in Egypt have championed this strategy, stating that it is not just about huge movies and blockbusters being screened, but also independent films that do not require a large budget yet transmit an idea in a unique way. Today, we’ll discuss the MedFest Egypt festival in collaboration with Zawya Cinema, which brings together and integrates cinematic experiences with health-related societal issues. This is the fourth edition of the event, which initially first took place back in 2017.

This is the first festival of its sort in the MENA area. It is expected to be a traveling short film festival with chosen film screenings, Q&A sessions, and panel discussions with filmmaking and healthcare specialists. The festival seeks to provide a live experience that never ends, with year-round programming including workshops, round tables, film screenings, talks, and masterclasses.

So, who is MedFest aimed at?

The festival is open to anyone who is interested in seeing distinctive and diverse films that convey human stories in which everyone feels included. The festival’s panels stimulate conversations to encourage a discourse where every voice is heard, as well as the flexibility of the genres, provide a really unique cinematic experience.

Upcoming Programs

MedFest will begin on Thursday, Jan. 20, and will feature a variety of initiatives aimed at connecting larger ideas to our society through film. “Moments” is a project that will take place this upcoming Thursday and will emphasize the moments that shape our lives. Attendees will be taken on a voyage through these moments through a hand-picked selection of 31 short films that explore various aspects of childhood and how they influence adulthood journeys, addressing problems of psychological and physical well-being.

The “Ambassadors Program,” which ran from Oct. to Dec. 2021, was another major activity of the MedFest festival. This is a rigorous training program for candidates who are enthusiastic about planning events from the ground up, utilizing art to advocate for social and health issues. The program’s goal is to prepare individuals to become engaged community members and leaders and their target audience was primarily students above the age of 18.

This one-of-a-kind festival brings together filmmakers, health care providers, and the general public to discuss various societal issues and foster communication between doctors and filmmakers, exploring the complex relationship between individuals, as well as the psychological and physical problems they may face at various stages of life.

WE SAID THIS: MedFest Egypt is a fantastic event that exquisitely bridges wider societal themes with the wonderful world of cinema!