McDonald’s Egypt Wants You To Know That The Typos Were On Purpose 


Egyptians are quite known for their love of correcting others, given the opportunity — and McDonald’s just made it a lot easier for them. The fast food giants decided to take advantage of the aforementioned Egyptian habit and integrate it in their latest campaign, “Law Meday2ak, Ghayrha.”


The campaign, which roughly translates to “If It Pisses You off, Change It” is making waves all over the interwebz. Influencers, in particular, have been throwing shade at the Big Mac creators and calling them out for not proofreading the text on their donation boxes before putting them out (as shown in the picture below). The brand, obviously, did that on purpose and managed to capture everyone’s attention.


Via McDonald’s

But, you might be wondering — why would McDonald’s do such a thing? What is the point of this entire scenario? Well, let us tell you that it’s for a very good cause. They plan to develop schools and nurseries serving Ezbet Khair Allah, an area located between Old Cairo and Dar El Salam.
McDonald’s have already refurbished nurseries and primary schools serving Ezbet Khair Allah and Batn El Bakara. The repairs included the planning of all school facilities, from classrooms to lighting and school supplies.



WE SAID THIS: We absolutely love how McDonald’s is offering the country more than just their delicious Big Tasty sauce.