Mashrou El Saada & Banati Foundation Collaborate to Help Young Girls at Risk

To unleash the potential in undeveloped and underdeveloped areas, Mashrou El Saada, used colors to reach and revive every undeveloped area in Egypt! And this time they decided to target Banati Foundation to paint the foundation’s permanent shelter in 6th of October, and to spread happiness among young girls at risk.

I have talked about Banati Foundation before (click here) and how amazing the work they do for the young girls at risk in our community, how they empower them and help them become effective citizens.

Mashrou El Saada’s belief in the power of colour therapy to create and enable the right environment for Banati foundation’s never-ending efforts to develop a unique social and psychological rehabilitation program for children at risk created the perfect ground for such a collaboration. The objective of this wonderful collaboration was to uplift the living areas where the girls spend most of their time in, as part of the shelter’s renovation process to enhance the girl’s spirit and mental wellbeing.

The shelter hosts 250 girls of ages ranging from 2 to 18 years old in addition to rehabilitation services including workshops, vocational training, psychological and physical healthcare and finally education. What was unique about this project is its design concept aiming to reflect acceptance, and to create a sense of belonging through the shapes: animal couples, patterns, and colors painted in addition to having girls from the shelter participating in the process. 

Commenting on the project, Hashem Raafat, founder of Mashrou El Saada, said: “This project aims to use chromotherapy as a tool to unleash the potential of children, a true reflection of what we stand for,” Raafat stated.

WE SAID THIS: What a great initiative!