Marwan Pablo Releases His Latest Music Video and It’s Trending for All the Right Reasons

Leading Egyptian Rapper Marwan Pablo is definitely making waves in his latest music video “Free”. The video was released two days ago and it’s already trending with more than half a million views and 4k comments on YouTube!

Marwan has been on top of his game lately, and he, among others, was the reason that the Egyptian rap scene became relevant once again. However, this music video is exceptionally better than any other music video we’ve seen in a while.

The song was produced by ‘Molotof’ and Mixed and Mastered by Marwan Pablo. The stylist is Howaida Wagdy and the wardrobe is by the one and only Kojak Studio.

Everything about the video is amazing, from the colors and art direction to the locations and the concept of the video. Props to Mohsen Sherif the Director, Muhammad Ibrahim the Co-director and DOP, and Cats Films the production.

WE SAID THIS: Definitely playing it “on repeat”!