Making History: Egyptian Woman Sues Her Husband for Giving Her HIV and Wins EGP 1 Million Compensation

A civil court in the Egyptian governorate of Beheira issued a ruling that would obligate a man to pay his wife EGP one million as compensation to his wife for transmitting HIV to her. The ruling came in light of evidence that the man knew of his infection prior to marrying his wife and failed to inform her. Lawyer Omar Gohar informed media outlets that the man carried the virus for four months before the marriage.

According to Ahram Online, this is the first case of a ruling for compensation over HIV transmission in Egyptian history. The court has also required the husband to pay child support expenses because their child is now a carrier of the virus.

In light of the Egyptian penal code, the husband could face time in prison for the criminal transmission of HIV, but according to Gohar, his wife is yet to file a criminal case against him.

Contrary to popular belief, HIV transmission between married couples is prevalent.

Right now, the Egyptian Health Ministry is aiming to put an end to HIV transmission and with it AIDS by 2030 in a campaign titled ‘Health for All: Preventing Stigma in Health Facilities’.

HIV is a human virus that debilitates the immune system and could lead to death. Unfortunately, AIDS, or the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, a life-threatening condition, does not have a reliable or accessible cure so far, but doctors and medical professionals all over the world are fighting to change this.

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