Luxurious Things to Do in Los Angeles

If you want to have a luxurious getaway in the United States, head to Los Angeles. Celebrities and movie stars frequent the hundreds of bars and nightclubs in the dazzling city. The world’s rich and famous spend their evenings dining in Michelin star restaurants and you can have a slice of the high life by getting yourself one of the Los Angeles vacation rentals overlooking the coast in Malibu. Or spend your nights in the ultra-luxurious resorts located in Beverly Hills, and if this is your first time and you want to have the ultimate luxurious experience, check out our roundup of things to do below. 

Embrace the city’s world famous dining

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has one of the best culinary scenes in the United States and regulars know that the city hosts some of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Visitors can have the chance to have the ultimate level of romance by dining in candlelight on the beach or by booking a table at the most exclusive restaurants in the city. If you’re really looking to splurge, you’ll find some of the tastiest hamburgers on the planet. Other types of food range from French, Mexican and Asian cuisines cooked by native chefs. As an alternative to the restaurants, you can also taste Los Angeles’ street food by following the city’s food trucks. 

The VIP shopping experience 

Fashion is huge in Los Angeles. You’ll find hundreds of boutique and high-end shops located along the streets in Melrose Avenue and Beverly Hills. Hollywood Avenue, which stretches for several kilometers, has a range of shops stocking the latest designs straight from the likes of Paris and Milan. If you really want a different shopping experience, you can hire a guide who can give you a tailored fashion tour of the city. Just remember to bring extra bags so you can carry your new products back home!

Join an exclusive wine tasting tour

Walk around the wine store back at home and you’ll find plenty of bottles originating from California. The southern state features countless wineries, many that are within driving distance of Los Angeles, but rather than joining a typical tour where you visit a few places and sample the wine, go all out and indulge in the VIP experience. Instead of a tour bus, you’re off to the wineries in a limo like limo find. This not only lets you visit the wineries in style, but it also gives you a chance to dress up. Search online and arrange your tailored VIP wine tour at least a few weeks in advance. This is a perfect luxurious experience to surprise your special someone!

Burn rubber in a Porsche 

We’ve all seen the Porsches cruising around the city, and Los Angeles certainly doesn’t have a short supply of them. Tourists around the world have the chance to rent one for the day and spend the day driving around the city. However, you’ll never get the chance to experience the full power by putting your foot down without breaking the law. Los Angeles has a special race track within the city that allows visitors to drive as fast as they want. So if you’ve ever dreamt of hitting well over a hundred in a Porsche, this experience is for you. 

Go on a helicopter tour over Los Angeles 

One of the most spectacular ways to experience Los Angeles is from the air. The long lines of traffic and congestion become a thing of the past and you have unobstructed views of the city’s beauty and the long coast. There are different types of helicopter tours ranging from short hop to giving a bird’s eye view from above to those that last several hours. Get online and see which excursion will work best for you. Just be aware that the tours might get delayed or canceled during poor weather conditions. Fortunately, LA is blessed with over 300 days of annual sunshine!

Hit the bars and have an unforgettable night out

Hundreds of bars and nightclubs line the streets of Los Angeles. Some open in the early evening with Happy Hours at 5pm while others stay open until the sun comes up. Whatever type of experience you’re looking for from a quiet drink to an energetic all-nighter, you’ll find it here. Order a bottle of vintage wine watching the sunset or drink cocktails overlooking the city in a rooftop lounge. Keep your eyes open – LA’s many famous faces often hangout in the same spots as the visitors. So you never really know you might bump into on your night out!

Go to an event at the STAPLES Centre 

Located in downtown Los Angeles, the STAPLES Centre is an entertainment complex. The center hosts everything from concerts and operas to plays, comedy shows, and sports events. Search online and see what’s on when you’re in Los Angeles and then turn an average night out into an unforgettable one by booking yourself a VIP experience. Aside from having some of the best (and most comfortable) seats in the arena, you’ll also have access to food and drink. Different packages allow you to have different levels of VIP treatment. So, if you’re going to splurge, this is the time to do it!

Luxurious experiences in Los Angeles

Travelers looking for a luxurious experience in Los Angeles won’t be disappointed. You’ll have access to top-notch accommodation, events, and experiences. Check out the shopping districts, take a helicopter ride and book a VIP wine tour. Catch an event at the STAPLES Centre, hit the bars and have the hour of your life racing a Porsche with no speed limits. 

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