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An intense race for the championship title has unfolded this season in Germany. Here, from each livescore today result, the place of the leading teams in the standings depends directly.

So far, below the expectations of the fans, this season stands Dortmund Borussia. The team of Lucien Favre strengthened quite well in the summer, and only Pulisic and Diallo can be noted among the losses. However, if in August-September the “bumblebees” looked confident enough, then the second half of the autumn is far from the best for them.

Just look at the live score today result to understand that Favra’s wards do not win even half of their fights. As a result, the team not only failed to take advantage of the misfires of Bavaria but also missed forward such clubs as Borussia Mönchengladbach and Leipzig. Despite the fact that the gap between them is minimal, it is not very clear yet why “bumblebees” will reduce it.

The main problem of Borussia is the lack of stability. Because of this, she often alternates confident victories and defeats of rivals with insulting misfires. Over time, the latter becomes more and more, that cannot be ignored.


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The completion of the team’s problems was a crushing defeat from Bayern 4-0. It once again demonstrated that on the road, “bumblebees” look much weaker than at home and so far, are not always ready to show their maximum. That is evident from live soccer results.

Local problems even led to rumors in the press about the possible resignation of Lucien Favre. That is not surprising because they expected a real fight for the title from Dortmund, especially against the background of the fact that long-term leaders left Bayern in the summer.

Instead, the team is even worse than the current champions, and the gap from 1st place continues to increase. Of course, there is still a large part of the busy season ahead, but you need to “turn on” now to claim the Silver Salad.

Do not forget that the club has everything necessary for this:

  • A fresh and played team is managed to harden, thanks to last year’s fight for the title.
  • Motivation: Dortmund has not ranked first for several years, which serves as an additional incentive for many players.
  • Individual mastery of the main stars of the team.

While this is not always enough, after all, along with brilliant and devastating victories, insulting misfires also take place.

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