The Future of Fashion: Aquafina Collaborating with Rabbit Experience, Up-Fuse & Kojak Studio

When we decided to act upon the issue of plastic waste and try to stop it through recycling/upcycling for example or using paper bags for grocery shopping, and not buying one-use bottles. I’m happy to announce that Aquafina, one of Pepsico’s bottled water brands, has recently collaborated with Rabbit experience, Up-fuse and Kojak Studio and launched “Designing Out Waste Program” to encourage recycling in a very fashionable way, and the reveal was a stunning dress worn by the starlet actress Dorra, and I just can’t keep calm!

The shimmering dress that Dorra wore was made of 300 up-cycled Aquafina plastic bottles that were collected in El Gouna Film Festival in its 3rd edition, I mean who would have guessed; a dress that beautiful was made from plastic? Well, unlike the traditional way of recycling, this time, Aquafina left us all in awe by turning its plastic bottles into new fashionable products that we can wear, on a red carpet!

Designing Out Waste Program is an environmental benefit for El Gouna Film Festival. The Program is based on installing baskets in the event to collect plastic bottles and then turn them into fashionable products, a lot of celebrities & influencers participated in the up-cycling program like Mariam el Khosht who presented the event, Enjy Kiwan, Aya Samaha, Hend Abd El Halim & Bushra one of the GFF event owners showed support by placing the bottle Cap waiting for us to reveal what will be done with the plastic.

WE SAID THIS: Thanks Aquafina for offering environmental benefits, and to all who have hand cut the bottles into those leaves. Big applause to the talented sewers who have stitched each and every bottle left on the dress!