Let’s Celebrate the Man of the Hour, Amir Eid

Amir Eid is one of Egypt’s most prominent vocalists. Whether you are a fan or a hater, Eid’s signature singing is as recognizable as a pink elephant in a room.

The leading man of Egyptian rock band, Cairokee, has been on a roll this month. As soon as news surfaced that his first cinematic experience ‘When We’re born’ will debut at The Gouna Film Festival 2019, we cannot contain our excitement.

The film follows the lives of three different people; an athlete, an aspiring musician and a Christian woman in love with a Muslim man. The song released by Eid shows us bits and pieces of his firstever movie. We’re sensing some major heartbreaks, off-the-roof romantic dialogues and happy endings.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the movie leaves a good impression as the star has been working hard in the entertainment field since 2003. Eid initially established an English band called Black Star, alongside Cairokee’s lead guitarist Sherif Hawary.

The band soon decided to sing in their mother language and started the band Cairokee. The hit song ‘Sout El Horeya‘ resonated with millions of Egyptians during the 2011 revolution, followed by a singing tribute to Tahrir Square with Aida El-Ayoubi with ‘Ya El Midan‘ song.

Six albums later and the band remains unstoppable with a gigantic fan base. Other than Eid’s artistic side, the singer has hands-down the best and sassiest comebacks with fans online. We frequently refer to Eid as the king of Twitter.

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