Let’s Celebrate the Beauty of Dhafer L’Abidine Because We Can’t in Ramadan

What is Dhafer L’Abidine up to this year? Our timelines are packed with Dhafer Ramadan teasers and we’re loving it. Yes, we are quite aware of the fact that Ramadan is no month for Dhafer-daydreaming so we decided to get it all out of our system before the holy month begins.


Before I go ahead with my biggest fangirl moments, I’d like to ask you to save the preach for someone else who isn’t under Dhafer’s spell. Just because you’re someone who has no interest in this Tunisian actor, it doesn’t mean that I can simply just ignore how I feel. I am a fan and I will go on and on about it as much as I want.



This is the only thing we see on the Ring Road every day; a billboard of Dhafer looking cute AF, giving Hend Sabry a flower!





Why would someone deliberately cast Dhafer L’Abidine in a mosalsal in Ramadan? It’s pretty freakin’ evil. Honestly, you have hundreds of normal-looking men who can give Sabry a flower without bursting our hearts in the process. Savages!





Reminder: Eye candy is not for Ramadan. Eye candy is not for Ramadan. Eye candy is not for Ramadan…we’re definitely watching Dhafer in Ramadan





But wait, this just got so much better. Is Dhafer’s character in the show 7alawet El Donya actually a villain? Maybe a disturbed millionaire with issues beyond repair who is trying to break a girl, only to fall for her. Ugh! If only I can write him a script one day




And then he had to post a photo of his photo shoot with Insight magazine, going all Vin Diesel-y on us. Take it easy on us, Dhafer




But no matter how much you try to escape this Tunisian beauty, he’ll come straight back to your life in the form of another show called Caramel 


Via Dhafer L’abidine



And we’ll just share this one last moment for no specific reason because Dhafer


Via Insight



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