Lend Your Eyes to the Blind with this Awesome App


Every day, we’re filled with an urge to help, to do something more for society and the world. But living in an era where we’re always busy, we seem to put aside and forget the importance of giving back and the happiness and satisfaction it makes us feel.

With technology at our fingertips, masterminds are making it easier for us to help others without having to move a single step – like Be My Eyes, an extraordinary new app that helps the visually impaired.

We use our eyes for literally everything, but we never realize how important they really are until we come across those who don’t have the same luxury. So let’s put our vision to good use and become a network of eyes for those who really need them.

The brilliant thing about Be My Eyes is that it’s based on crowd interaction, encouraging the growth of a community of people from all around the world with the aim to help the visually impaired.

Just as the name implies, Be My Eyes lets people use their eyesight to read instructions, check expiry dates or navigate new surroundings.

It’s as simple as ever: A blind person requests assistance and a notification is sent to the volunteers. After a volunteer accepts the request, a live video connection is established and the volunteer offers their assistance as required.



Join a network of volunteer eyes and help when you have the time, wherever you are in the world. With how easy giving back is becoming, we no longer have an excuse.



WE SAID THIS: Find out more about Be My Eyes here and join the network of eyes looking to make a difference.