Lebanon Invents​ The First-Ever​ Man’ouche Vending Machine

A man’ouche vending machine has finally made its debut in Beirut and I can’t just keep calm! To all man’ouche lovers, the vending machine is currently standing tall at Beirut Digital District, inviting all of you to come and give it a try.

AkelTech, the new brilliant invention is actually one of its kind in the region, as it marks the invention of food automation in Lebanon. It came to life when the CEO of AklTech, Abed El Kader Jawhar, noticed the significant shortage to access nutritional and healthy food as all vending machines only produce chips, chocolates, soda, and high-quality food remained too far and too expensive. Therefore, the man’ouche vending machine will give accessibility to healthy and high-quality fast food at all times; day or night.

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The steps in using the vending machine are pretty easy, all you need to do is to select your favorite man’ouche, then insert the required amount of money, which by the way the machine’s prices are way lower than the market average, and finally enjoy your freshly made out-of-the-oven man’ouche!

WE SAID THIS: Go get your man’ouche now!