Lebanese Artist Ali Cha’aban Collaborates With SVD & Adidas Originals In Dubai Design District

The famous Lebanese-Saudi artist, Ali Cha’aban is back at it again with another creative project at the Dubai Design District. The project is a partnership with SVD Arabia & Adidas Originals as they glide their creations across a community skatepark. The design garnered a lot of positive responses from Cha’aban’s fanbase, especially those who love to skateboard.

This is not the first time Cha’aban collaborates with Adidas as he previously worked on a rug that featured Adidas Original’s logo. As you can see, Cha’aban’s work is heavily influenced by the idea of nostalgia and addresses the Arabian identity. Over the years, Cha’aban has shown his love for distinctively styled carpets and designs by working with household labels like Nike and Adidas.

Additionally, his work with Kahhal 1871 on the carpet design titled “I Am Not Here” conveyed a new concept of “preservation.” When the carpet was on exhibit, it couldn’t be seen clearly, which is the objective of how it’s being preserved, as he explained in an interview.

Via Instagram

Cha’aban’s childhood memories and love for carpets are important parts of his career as he tries to connect them to modern art. Also, he loves to introduce pop art and comic book influences to Arab aesthetics in his designs. For example, in the rug pictured below, Cha’aban used Superman’s image to show off the influence of the modern age.

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