Last-Minute Entertaining


Winter is upon us, and the only thing that is getting me excited at the moment is how I’ve been planning to spend my night.

There is nothing better than a night in of relaxation and a cup of hot chocolate, watching the one and only Like Crazy.

nightinAnd just when everything finally falls into place…

“Ding Dong”

Then it hits me. When you work 12 hours a day, it’s quite normal to forget that you’re hosting people over for the night.

The house is a mess, I’m in my PJ’s and, most importantly, my fridge is empty!

Think, think, think, what can I serve them!?

I quickly tidy up and open the door, seat them in the living room, trying my best to play it cool and be a good hostess.

As I run to the kitchen, all I can think of is that I need something quick, easy, and delicious.

First thing’s first, I bring out all my plastic containers from the fridge – a cheese platter can work right? Well, I don’t really have many options: Cheddar, Emmental and Gouda.

cheese-platterAs I start to slice the cheese and make the platter look pretty with fruits and nuts that I’ve found, I’m thinking to myself I can’t just serve a cheese platter, can I?

I’m taking a tour around my kitchen, and there it is: Bake Stix, Oriental Spice flavor, sitting on top of my cupboard. So I’m thinking to myself, “This can actually work. Actually, this can be perfect!”

The spices on the Bake Stix are the perfect kick to go with the cheese platter and they look great served in my DIY colorful wooden bowls.

Snacks, check.

Drinks? I’m sure they would love some hot chocolate in this winter weather.

Entertainment? Well, I’ve already got Like Crazy waiting to play…