‘KAHHAL 1871 Heritage Designers’ Edition’: When Traditional Crafts Meet Modern Design

We take great pride in having taken part in a collaboration with such a talented and dedicated group of designers who have not only surpassed everyone’s expectations but have also brought about a new definition of design, artistic standpoint and vision, and of course the high-quality of craftsmanship. Yes, we’re talking about KAHHAL 1871‘s breathtaking event, where the traditional carpet craftsmen joined forces with five outstanding key players in our region‘s design industry: Alchemy, Hany Saad Designs, Kanjo Designs, Mona Hussein Design House, and Beit Nadia to launch “KAHHAL 1871 Heritage: Designers’ Edition”.

Keep scrolling for glimpses of the astonishing event and our interviews with the five design houses!

Sneak Peak from #KAHHAL1871XScoopEmpire exclusive Heritage Designers Edition

We joined forces with Kahhal 1871 for an incredible event celebrating the latest collab between Kahhal 1871 and 5 of the top Egyptian design houses. Here’s a glimpse of a night full of art, culture and great heritage!! Stay tuned for more.

Posted by Scoop Empire on Thursday, December 17, 2020
Here's what you've missed from #KAHHAL1871XScoopEmpire exclusive heritage design edition!

Kahhal 1871 launched their latest collections in a truly fashion-Esqe way, and the reception was CRAZY!

Posted by Scoop Empire on Thursday, December 24, 2020

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