Kabayan: Clinic Dedicated to Filipinos Opens in Abu Dhabi’s Universal Hospital

Via Doha News
Via Universal Hospital


“Since Filipino communities  are very prominent in Abu Dhabi and around the UAE, we are very  particular in ensuring that we  give high quality service to them,” said Rajeev Pillai, head of  Marketing and Corporate Health  Services at Universal Hospital.


Kabayan (meaning Fellow Countryman), a clinic dedicated to the Filipino expats of Abu Dhabi, has finally opened its doors and officially begun receiving its first patients today.


Via Doha News


“We thought for the approximate 700,000 Filipino expats in the UAE, we wanted to do something dedicated for them, by providing an integrated service, where they will feel more comfortable speaking to their fellow countrymen and feel they are in their own environment. We just knew we needed more Filipino doctors and nurses,” said Shabeer Nellikode, Founder and Managing Director of Universal Hospital.


Philippines Secretary of Foreign Affairs Perfecto Yasay Jr.(2nd from right) together with Philippine Ambassador to UAE Constancio Vingno Jr.(L). Via Khaleeji Times


“There are roughly 700,000 Filipinos in the UAE, but there are not many Filipino doctors, so the hospital set up an entire floor exclusively for the Filipino community, which will allow patients to feel at ease and at home.”



WE SAID THIS: “It is very important for Filipinos to receive advice and care from their fellow countrymen. It will feel like having help and care from back home,” he added.