Juhayna Has Your Back for Back to School Season

It’s that time of year again when parents breathe a much-needed if momentary sigh of relief and secretly rejoice because finally, after a long and hectic summer, it’s back to school season.

Of course, that giddy joy isn’t exactly experienced by kids, who now have to deal with waking up at dawn again, get through tedious school days and spend precious hours doing homework and projects when they’d rather be playing outside (or maybe just zoning out in front of a screen) to their heart’s content.

Juhayna understands that the struggle is real — for kids and for parents, who now also have to deal with their children’s grumpy attitudes and exhausting school schedules despite their newly found kid-free time during the day.

In their latest campaign, Juhayna declares: #بنشجع_أمهات_مصر

With all the back to school madness, a soothing sip of milk, an energy-boosting juice box or a flavorful yogurt snack can be just the right fix — even if just for that moment. And we know that stressed moms everywhere need all the help they can get.



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