Jannat’s Husband Torn Apart by Fans After Singer Celebrated Marriage on Social Media

Via Ezz Studios


Moroccan singer, Jannat, was pretty much the happiest bride this week, but social media can be a vile place that could easily bring anyone down. Just like any other woman in love, the artist shared photos of her wedding, alongside her husband, Mohamed Othman. Needless to say, the comments were horrific.



Jannat is known for her sensual and extremely romantic lyrics, so her fans didn’t take it well when she ended up with “an average-looking guy.” We wish being called “average” was the worst thing we found in the comments section, but no. The groom was body-shamed, fans called him ugly, made fun of his bald head — adding that he looked like “an onion head.”



Facebook can be a disgusting place at times. If you’re a public figure who doesn’t have thick skin, it will tear you down. People actually believe if you put yourself out there, it is an excuse for them to be, pardon our French, assholes.




WE SAID THIS: People honestly need to stop and let other people be.