It’s Tulum Season: From Adventurous Explorations to Chasing the Sun, Here’s Where You Can Experience The Magic Of Town

Mexico is a place with numerous attraction elements that many people only aspire to explore. It’s not a place of one or two activities to keep on repeating within your whole stay. It’s a place where the jungle meets the sea and adventures are mixed with relaxation and comfort. When in Tulum, both the number and type of experiences you are exposed to, will legitimately make you believe you’ve found a secret entrance to paradise!

So once you arrive at the magical place of Tulum, here are the best kind of activities and places to step foot in.

Have an Adventurous Day at Mayan Riviera’s Jungle

Mexico is the city of adventures, and what makes it double the fun, is that you can do multiple sightseeings at the same place. Dare to challenge the mud roads in the middle of the jungle, where you can have a jungle-buggy tour or a zip-lining ride? There’s no better place to do that than in Tulum’s various jungles like the Mayan Riviera’s.

The Mayan Riviera is a tourism and resort district south of Cancun, Mexico that straddles the coastal Federal Highway 307. So, it is not just a place for adventures, but also an opportunity for underground excursions. Exploring under the sea in the mesmerizing cenote it has!

Have a Swim with the Turtles in Beautiful Bodies of Water

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Speaking of bodies of water, one cannot miss having an unrepeated experience of swimming side by side with some enormous turtles! In Akumal, a coastal resort on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, you can swim in crystal clear waters and not just that, but also with turtles!

Visit the Tulum Ruins

For some historical and beautiful sceneries, you should definitely pass by and watch the archaeological ruins of Tulum. The Tulum ruins are accessible to visitors from 8 am to 5 pm every day; however tourists tend to come in earlier than 8 am, to get the chance to enter once the site is open.

There are shops and vendors set up outside the ruins, in case you want to buy some souvenirs and some international brands like Starbucks and Subway. Moreover, it’s not only about admiring the historical place but also, the location of the ruins that happen to be on the Caribbean coastline, allowing visitors a chance to cool off in the ocean during their visit. The wildlife can be admired and appreciated up-close, definitely worth the visit.

Explore Caverns and Snorkel at the Cenote Caracol

When wanting to do two things at once, you should definitely opt for visiting cenotes like the caracol. Go underground and discover a whole new world that is full of hidden gems and natural beauty that simply begs to be explored and relished.

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If you’re interested in caves and caverns, as well as craving a nice dip in the water during the scorching summer, then this cavern -heaven in disguise- is the best option for you. You can swim and snorkel in the spectacular sinkhole of cenote caracol as you admire the beauty of the caverns. It’s about time you slash this dream off your bucket list.

Horseback Riding, Maybe?

Given that in Tulum you’d be surrounded right and left with spacious green areas and coastal beaches, why not ride a horse and have a decent ride amid nature, along the beautiful beach?

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