It Might Be Your Last Time To Smoke Shisha If You Checked Out This Brilliant Campaign!


Some call it ‘shisha’, others call it ‘argilla‘, and most foreigners call it ‘hookah’! And although it might have slight differences from country to country, what’s common is that it’s extremely dangerous. The Arab World is the pioneer of shisha and it’s deeply infused within our culture. Thus, hundreds of millions of Arabs smoke shisha nearly daily!

Of course, there have been tons of awareness campaigns that came out to ask people not to harm themselves and those around them by smoking shisha. The latest one I came across was by the American University in Beirut Medical Center, called “The Sound of Shisha” and it was very strong, touching, and brilliant.

In the video, they do a social experiment where they put helium instead of shisha smoke for some customers in a cafe, and record them while their voices change. It seemed funny until he showed them a video at the end of the experiment of a man who got lung cancer because of shisha! I loved the idea and how they presented it, and dug deeper in their past videos, and found that they’re super beneficial and interesting. I even found one more video against shisha that they posted in 2016, and it was also very brilliant; take a look!

The American University in Beirut Medical Center is an academic medical center dedicated to the passionate pursuit of improving the health of the community in Lebanon and the region. That’s done through the delivery of exceptional and comprehensive quality care to their patients, excellence in education and training, and leadership in innovative research.

WE SAID THIS: Check out more of their videos on their YouTube Channel here.