Israel Is Making Ramadan a Living Hell for Palestinians and Here’s Why

(Middle East Children's Alliance/flickr)
(Middle East Children's Alliance/flickr)
(Middle East Children’s Alliance/flickr)


Ramadan is a tough time for many this summer, with long fasting hours, extreme heat, and spiritual reflection, but in Palestine, surviving is a struggle. In traditional in-humane Israeli fashion, the clean water supply to a large part of the West Bank has been cut off because it wouldn’t be Ramadan in Palestine without Israel trying to kill you.


According to the Al Jazeera, Mekorot (the main supplier of water) has cut off the water supply to cities of Jenin, Salfit, villages in Nablus, and the surrounding areas in the West Bank. According to the executive director of the Palestinian Hydrology Group, some Palestinians have been living without running water for 40 days now.




Israel is claiming that a pipe has burst and is being fixed. But keep in mind Israel makes a lot of false claims as we’ve learned through investigations of human rights violations and war crimes. It is not the first and unfortunately probably won’t be the last time Israel has cut the water supply to Palestinians.


Most Palestinian village homes have water wells which collects rainfall during the winter and is used for consumption when the water supply is expected to cut off, especially in the summer.


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