Introducing The Hatta Honey Festival Where Emirati Beekeepers Showcase Talent

Placing a major spotlight on Emirati beekeepers is the eighth edition of the Hatta Honey Festival which will run from December 27 to 31. Honey lovers and beekeeping aficionados will get to learn all about beekeeping, honey as well as how to distinguish between different products. Throughout the five-day event, 60 Emirati beekeepers will get to showcase a wide range of products to both guests and tourists.

The unique event will take place at Dubai Municipality’s Hatta Hall and will involve many fun activities like a workshop on recipes of the most well-known foods and drinks made using honey. Along with that, there will be honey soap-making and honey candle-making sessions.

Visitors will also get up close and personal with the bees through the festival’s very own guided tours where they get a close-up view of honey production. They can also head to the available observation decks that offer safe vantage points to watch the bees against the backdrop of the Hajar mountains. For adventurous and brave visitors, there is the option of taking part in hands-on honey extraction. Beyond the activities, the festival will also include the Dubai Smart Mobile Laboratory to detect yeast and other types of fungi in honey products.

To get a taste of the honey industry in the beloved Emirate, be sure to attend the jam-packed festival in the very unique destination of Dubai’s Hatta.

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