International Day of Solidarity With The Palestinian People: A Crucial Day To Raise Awareness

Today is a day for us to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, who have been subjected to a variety of difficult conditions since the occupation began. Thus, we do not need a day to highlight such injustice; we simply need to open the eyes of the world and governments who chose to ignore this struggle. Sadly, the rights of Palestinians in their homeland are ignored. However, in the face of the occupation, as well as the injustices and crimes committed against them, the Palestinian people will always be tenacious and strong.

On this day, the United Nations is hosting an International Media Seminar on Middle East Peace to educate the public about the struggle and encourage them to support a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This is not a lament for their weakness or incapacity to break free from the occupation; the Palestinian people are capable of reclaiming their land and confronting the injustices. However, without the Arab world uniting and working with other countries to redress all the injustices, diplomacy and peaceful-based solutions will never be achieved.

Thus, there are a few reputable non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that assist Palestinians in overcoming these hardships and improving their quality of life.

  • The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA): With an emphasis on Palestine, MECA works to improve the lives of children in the Middle East via charity, education, and empowerment. The major goal is to collect enough medical supplies to distribute across Palestinian society.
  • Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF):The PCRF raises funds for Gaza in order to give critical humanitarian and medical assistance to the strip’s injured and ailing children. Their “Palestine Children’s Relief Fund” helps Palestinian children in Palestine and the Middle East with medical and humanitarian needs.
  • Medical Aid for Palestinians: Medical Aid for Palestine is holding a Gaza emergency funding appeal to aid Palestinian hospitals and emergency services in Gaza and Jerusalem get much-needed pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and disposables.
  • Human Appeal: Human Appeal runs campaigns to support Palestinians in Gaza with funds going through hospitals that need supplies and medicines.

These NGOs are attempting to assist the Palestinian population in many ways in an effort to promote the basic rights that they have been denied under and as a direct result of the occupation.

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