8 Artists Supporting Palestine Through Their Art

Given what is happening, and continues to happen in Palestine, it has become more crucial than ever to maintain awareness about the current situation. During their struggle, Palestinians have come to identify the importance of expressing themselves through art. Artists have used Palestinian art as a resistance tool and political component in their war against Israel. For these reasons, we have gathered seven artists who have effectively supported Palestine through their art. 

Lena Kassicieh 

Kassicieh is a ceramics artist and photographer who has adopted many artistic expressions in revealing Palestinian struggles. She illustrated the cover of a children’s book that teaches children about Palestine’s history. She expresses that “like many diaspora Palestinians, the experiences and stories of our families live on through us..their joys, pains, sorrows and yearnings are passed down like old sweaters. It is our duty now to keep them alive.” And indeed, it is. Her most famous drawing is one depicting the word Palestine in Arabic over and over again, to render the extent to which this identity is embedded within her. 

Tanya Habjouqa 

Habjouqa is both a photographer and educator, and she uses documentaries to bring forth certain political  agendas. Her series ‘Occupied Pleasures,’ depicts the importance of Palestinians finding pleasure, despite their struggles. One of her photographs shows a Palestinian man enjoying a cigarette in his car, despite the heavy traffic on the last day of Ramadan. 

Maen Hammad 

Hammad is an artist who has been documenting the events of Sheikh Jarrah, while also telling his own personal story. He recently shared a series of photos on Israel’s brutal attack on residents of Sheikh Jarrah. His photographs are very graphic, and are used to illustrate the extremity of the situation. 

Alessandra Sanguinetti 

Sanguinetti is known for her “lyrical, softly-drawn photographs that explore psychological transitions of youth.” This artist captures everyday life for kids in Palestine almost two decades ago. She showed a cover image of a refugee who had been living in the Aida refugee camp at the time. Her work primarily reveals the painful feelings and emotions that Palestinian children undergo on a daily basis. 

Nermeen and Nisreen Abudail 

The Palestinian sister duo founded the Naqsh festival in 2009, featuring traditional Palestinian motifs inspired by their childhood. Through their creative traditional designs, the two sisters reflect the oriental feel and beauty of their rich culture. 

Nasr Abdel Aziz Aleyan

Nasr is a Paletsinian figurative painter whose work speaks of his longing to bring back Palestinian identity. He uses his art to revive cultural traditions through a level of “appealing softness and simplicity.”

Tayseer Sharaf

This artist was an active member of the Palestinian art movement in the 1980s. He uses his art to release his suppressed frustration after the war of 1948. This has led to a collection of unique paintings with “vibrant colors and equally vibrant soul,” encompassing his anger and sadness. 

Mohamed Hadid

Hadid, a Palestinian Real Estate Developer, painted a photograph captured by Palestinian photographer and artist, Mohamed Moutan. The photograph features Palestinians beautifully coming together in a prayer setting.

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