Instant Mood Boosters That Will Lift Your Spirit in Minutes

By Sarah Alblowi

Sometimes, life gets super real, negative, and draining. The stress from work, the person who cut you off on the highway, or a canceled appointment. I get it, we get way too invested in our feelings, and we let it affect our moods.

If these triggering actions upset you, here’s your quick fix to instant happiness beyond the classic count to 10 or taking a walk. These acts will help you manifest a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Take a relaxing bath

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Running some hot water with Epsom salt or bubbles to a water-filled candlelit bath is mini spa retreat. Detox and unwind in the bath in less than 15 minutes and come out refreshed. Adding essential oils, like lavender, is an aromatic therapy that will relax your system. 


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Blast some Cardi B music and dance in front of the mirror! This shameless act is the quickest mood changer. Dancing is known to improve mental health and working against anxiety, depression, and stress, all while burning calories. Rest assured you’ll forget why you were down in the first place. 

Get some sunshine

Via Healthline

If you’re having a bad day, go for a walk, sunbathe, get in some outdoor activities, or sit in the balcony with a drink. The exposure of bare skin to sunlight helps the production of vitamin D which is energizing. Most people who feel tired all the time are not aware of this deficiency, so this is your excuse to sunbathe for better health and mood!  Check out Outdoor Cinemas in Dubai to Enjoy Over Spring Break or Popular Outdoor Activities in Abu Dhabi for quiet hang out spots. 

Phone a loved one who’s away


A simple five-minute call is a good source of emotional support to make you feel less lonely. No matter if it’s a phone call, face time, or online chat, a conversation will make you feel connected. 


Via Health

A power nap isn’t just for babies. A short nap can improve your mood and help you get through your day. A healthy nap duration is anything from 10 to 45 minutes. The many health benefits will make you think and memorize better while being more alert. 

Give someone a hug

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Sometimes you’re cranky because you’re lonely and want some affection. A simple hug is a gesture of love that anyone would appreciate and spike serotonin levels, boosting your happiness.  


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Fake it till you make it! Smiling your bad mood away will trick your mind into believing it since smiling reflects happiness. This unconsciously triggers happy feelings and before you know it, you get back on your happy productive feet.   

Declutter and clean

Via Wellandgood

The last thing you need when you’re down is a dirty or cluttered space. Your surroundings have a great impact on your mental health, so cut the unneeded junk. Think twice before you leave clothes on the floor, your bed undone, or a pile of dishes in the sink. To make room for a healthier space, try to cut down on labels, brands, and distractive posters since they hinder your mood and thinking process. Cleaning will make you feel productive and in control. 


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