INJAZ’s #StartUpEgypt2016 Introduces the Businesses of Tomorrow

From the makers and shakers of Egypt’s startup world comes this year’s future leaders and business of tomorrow at #StartUpEgypt2016. In an effort to to help produce economic prosperity for Egypt’s youth, INJAZ Egypt started the innovative in attempts to give young entrepreneurs the chance to develop their ideas into real business opportunities. The winners of this years competition passed through ideation stage with 100 teams, advanced to the incubation stage which included 30 teams, and 7 teams made it to the final round which included funding.

The 120k EGP grand prize winning team, Re-Tyres is a 3-year-old recycling company located in Suez that has recycled tens of thousands of rubber tires and saving the environment from further destruction. Conative Labs won 100,000 EGP which will go towards further developing the Nilebot, a smart water purification solution that can enhances aquaculture in real-time. JEERED, an eco-friendly furniture and accessories company won third place prize of 90,000 EGP the startup useless wood substitute boards that meet the demands of an green consumers.

Bassita won 4th place by breathing a new life into clickfunding by powering the forces of social media to improve social cause that matter including the environment and development by reaching Egypt’s online network. CampUs came in 5th place with a system dedicated to the self-improvement of university students. CampUs launched 5 camps and helped over 200 students in the past year working with companies to help recruit college students into the work force. Like CampUs, iSpark is dedicated to students by working to improve accessibility to opportunities through an educational experience. is an online platform for architects and interior designers to connect and work to collaborate, the startup won 50,000 EGP to help them get started. Tyro is another online platform that also helps people connect but for the purpose of learning specific skills set. The startup has built a database of instructors in Egypt and provides live one-on-one online sessions. YourTravelPal is every travelers bag essential, the modern day bag is convenient, durable, and lightweight. The company has partnered up with reputable fitness names in Egypt such as Cairo Runners and Wild Guanabana, and is being distributed by Sunny Hypermarket. Lastly, Phone Key is every forgetful persons dream come true. The startup has created a smart solution to those who forget their keys constantly by connecting a secure bluetooth connection for locks.


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