In Pictures: The UAE Glows Red as Hope Probe Approaches Mars

A country doused in a red glow, and a dream of hope – the United Arab Emirates is celebrating perhaps one of its greatest accomplishments so far, the Hope Probe.

Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Future Museum, and many more of the Emirates’ most renowned landmarks are turning red ahead of the Hope Probe’s much-anticipated arrival to the Red Planet.

The UAE-made satellite has completed the most intricate part of its journey, known as the Mars Orbit Insertion (MOI), and is expected to arrive next Tuesday, February 9.

Launched in July of last year, the project will mark the first time in history an Arab nation sends a space exploration mission into outer space. In support, dozens of landmarks around the Arab World are scheduled to turn red as well; these include “The Zone” on Takhassusi Street in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Bahrain World Trade Center, Kuwait Tower, Cairo Tower in Egypt, the Roman Theatre in Jordan, The Iraq Museum, and the Baghdad Mall in Iraq.

Over the span of only seven months, the Hope Probe traveled a whopping distance of 493 million kilometers in deep space, and in the years to come, it is going to be collecting raw data from Mars’ atmosphere, which will aid in humanity’s extraterrestrial exploration efforts.

In the next two days, a picturesque red hue will be taking over the region, and the beautiful shots of these magnificent landmarks speak volumes on the pride and joy enveloping the heart and soul of every Arab. Now that the UAE glows in red, here are some sneak peeks to get a feeling of what you should be looking for when walking the streets of the region.

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