5 NGOs Saving Our Street Children

We hear about lots of ways to provide support and help one’s own country. There are several ways but the most credible one goes to the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). The importance behind NGO’s is that they enable citizens in working together voluntarily to promote important social values and civic goals. They promote local initiative and problem solving. There are many types of NGO’s all across the world, one of which focus primarily on children. Have you heard of some of them? If not, scroll down to have a quick overview about NGO’s for children in Egypt!

Each and everyone of these NGO’s have their own mission, vision, sponsors and/or partners, but in the end they aim for the same motto in ultimately saving and helping the children. Now get motivated and take part in either of them!

Banati Foundation

Banati Foundation, officially known as “Abnaa ElGhad” Foundation, is an Egyptian local organization focusing mainly on girls and women. Its main aim revolves around protecting children at risk. In other words, street children, orphans and more. Those marginalized children experience a harsh and abusive life daily on the streets. This is not all however, as Banati protects the children from physical, sexual and psychological abuse as well.

Wataneya Society

Wataneya is an Egyptian NGO dedicated to improving conditions for children outside of parental care. They provide them the safe and healthy environment they need to grow into successful individuals. Wataneya also helps institutional homes improve the level of support they provide through the implementation of a certain set of standards for alternative childcare. These standards were approved by the government in 2014 to serve as a benchmark for quality service in the field.


CARE Egypt is part of CARE International, one of the largest NGOs in the world. They work to address underlying causes of poverty, guided by our core values and aspirations from local communities. CARE’s work in Egypt began in 1954 with the introduction of a nationwide school meals program. Since then, CARE has become actively involved in development programming, particularly in Upper Egypt, where more than 50% of the nation’s low-income families live. Today, CARE Egypt’s work focuses primarily on Upper Egypt, where it works closely through a rights-based approach. They work with the poor and marginalized, and in cooperation with civil society and government institutions to improve the quality of life and sustainability for them.

The Littlest Lamb

The Littlest Lamb are empowering children of Egypt to grow into leading, responsible members of the Egyptian society. Impressive and motivational, right? They provide orphans with all the necessary tools as they aim to create a purposeful life where they guide them carefully to reach their highest potential. For this reason, 100% of their resources and donations go straight to their education, home environment, and programs designed to cater to their needs.

FACE for children in need

FACE’s mission is to assist and protect orphans, street children, their families and communities in Egypt. They make no distinction between their race, culture, or religion. Every once in a while they do implement new programs that also provide different goals. An example of this includes their latest street children program that helps reintegrate these children back into society. This can be either through families, foster care, education, and the list goes on.

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