The Best Charity Gifts to Buy for Children

There are many ways to help charities and one of the best is to provide charity gifts for orphans. Many organisations provide support and gifts for orphans in the Middle East and many other countries, and by donating a gift you will be making a big difference to a child’s life.

Best of all, you can do this from anywhere in the world! You’ll find charities all over the world that aim to help orphans. For one great example, follow this link to the orphanage UK campaign. But what charity gifts should you buy to help children?

Well if you see a campaign that is asking for donations for orphanages, there are a number of ways you can help. Let’s look at some of the best charity gifts to buy for children that you can donate to a good cause.


Books are one of the best gifts to buy for orphanages. They can be used by multiple children, help teach reading and language skills and will help develop their imagination. Books are great and we all have a favourite childhood book, don’t we? Many charities have also been set up to help provide books to children all over the world.

Just make sure the books you are gifting are suitable for the age of the children at the orphanage and that they are in the right language. Some orphanages might have children from multiple backgrounds so you can get books in a variety of different languages.

Pens and Paper

Another great general gift for children is pens and paper. Children of all ages love drawing and you can choose all different kinds of pens like colouring pencils and felt tips. Drawing will help children relax and develop their artistic skills. Not to mention it is a popular hobby for children so is sure to be a well-loved gift.


Toys are a little tricky because you will need a good idea of which children you are buying for. Some orphanages might share more information but in most cases when buying and donating gifts you won’t know a lot apart from what ages the children are and where the orphanage is.

However, toys can still be a great present if you play it safe. Toy cars, dolls, cuddly toys, and musical instruments all make good gifts that many children will be sure to enjoy. If you’d like to donate toys but aren’t sure what is best you could try contacting the orphanage to ask if they have any recommendations.


Blankets might not have the impact of some of the previous gift ideas I’ve talked about but they do make useful gifts for orphanages. Some orphanages don’t have much in the way of funding so by providing things like blankets you can better ensure children are comfortable. It’s a more practical gift but one that is sure to be put to good use.


Clothes can be a great gift but you will need more information to ensure you are buying something suitable. The good news is if orphanages need clothing donations then they will likely provide a list of what they need. If they are just asking for gift donations then you will likely be better opting for one of the other gift ideas suggested. Unless you opt for something more general like shoes or coats. 

Donating Money Instead

We have five varied suggestions if you want to donate a gift to an orphanage but there is always another alternative. This isn’t a gift but by donating money to the orphanage you can better ensure children are cared for over the long-term. Whether you decide to donate money or a gift for a child or both you can be sure that you are making a difference to a child’s life.

WE SAID THIS: There is no greater gift than the gift of giving

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