In Pictures: The Surreal Ancient Structures Used to Make Ice in the Persian Desert Will Amaze You

Long before electricity and the invention of sustainable technology that stores ice throughout the scorching summer, people found a way to not only store but also make ice, in the middle of the Persian desert! The idea might seem complex, but in reality, it was a very simple technique that even the poorest were able to afford at that time.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to Yakhchāl in Meybod, Iran, an ancient evaporation cooler that came about in 400 BC. The giant conical structures with a domed shape above ground were used as a storage space for ice, food, and other perishables. The domes were built over small ponds of water that would freeze during the winter, with enough protection and insulation to keep it frozen during the hot summer months.

It’s amazing how many of these monuments and ancient Persian structures are still around till today, hundreds of years later, and people can still go and see them (but visits need to be organized through tour companies or guides).

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