In Pictures: Gabal Elba, One of Egypt’s Best Kept Secrets

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Considered Egypt’s second highest mountain, rising 1,435 meters high, Gabal Elba or Mount Elba is a piece of heaven, that is unfortunately not known to many. Although it is under Egypt’s governance, its location at a disputed area between Egypt and Sudan is one of the main reasons that it is mostly left unexplored and unvisited.

Located 250 kilometers south of Marsa Alam is the Gebel Elba National Park, which is considered Egypt’s largest and richest protectorate, and stretches over 50 square kilometers north of Shalateen. The best part about it is its wildlife, with a number of species, some of which are now rare in other parts of Egypt. It includes 23 mammal species, 40 bird species, and 30 reptile species.

Although it’s often hard to visit, we definitely recommend you place it on your bucket list. Scroll down to enjoy its beauty, and everything it has to offer.

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