In Pictures: Check Out How Analog Photography Is Making a Comeback in Egypt

Many youngsters from this generation weren’t alive when the only way to take photographs was through film rolls. There was no screen to show you the photograph you’ve just captured, and you had to wait for the film to be processed and printed to see how the picture turned out. And since anything that is appealing, never gets old, film photography, or analog photography, has been making a huge comeback in Egypt recently!

A public Facebook group called Cairo Analog School is bringing back the glory of analog photography. In the group, photographers share pictures they’ve shot using film cameras, buy and sell vintage cameras and equipment, and share tips on analog photography and how to perfect it. the group also features #GearTuesday, where they sell camera gears, and include the specifications and who it’s suitable for, for group members to learn more about the products and how they’re used.

We looked through the pictures on the group and were amazed. Scroll down to enjoy some of our favorite shots!

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