The Soft Snowball: 7 Local Brands Bringing Egyptian Cotton Back to Life

By Malak Khaled

For centuries, Egyptian cotton has been one of Egypt’s competitive advantages. It has a reputation of being one of the world’s finest due to its softness, length and strength. It is usually handpicked in order to put no pressure on the fibers, which is why it has a high level of purity; the fibers stay straight and intact.

Here are some of the brands who are bringing Egyptian cotton back to life.


Stemming from the idea of making high-quality, comfortable basics, and not having to spend a fortune on them, Kotn was launched. Kotn (Arabic for cotton) uses 100% Egyptian cotton to design shirts, sweaters, socks, bottoms, and much more. This brand also funds schools for Egyptian farmers’ children with every purchase.


Cottonil has been one of the most famous brands that use Egyptian cotton. It is one of the leading brands in the garment industry since 1990.

Fakhama Clothes

Fakhama Company for Trading and clothing industry is an Egyptian company working to develop and raise the level of the garment industry in Egypt. Their products are 100% net cotton with an ISO certified quality.


In 1989, Concrete was created in answer to the founder’s passionate interest in men’s fashion; it was acquired by Arafa holding in 1996. It began as a predominantly casual collection, with a focus on raw denim and cotton, and then evolved to an increasingly formal and premium one, aiming to satisfy both men and kids. Concrete then became one of Egypt’s most successful local brands, with prices more at the higher end.

Mix and Match

The brand name was established in 1985 as a family company with a vision to produce high-end, unique every-day fashion made by Egyptians. They utilize local resources, using only organic natural yarns like 100% Egyptian cotton and linens that are manufactured, dyed and treated in Egypt.


Dalydress offers the stylish shopper a respectable range of sweaters, tops, oxford-style shirts and accessories. It has been able to position itself as one of Egypt’s most loved and most booming clothing retailers. Although it is not that cheap; the quality and the style of the garments are elegant and worth your money.


Mobaco Cottons was established in 1974 in Cairo, Egypt; however, their stores are located across Egypt and Paris. Mobaco was based on a simple idea, to provide high quality yet affordable clothing. They specialize in natural materials such as cotton, cashmere and linen.

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