Hussain Harba is Taking Over Fashion Week Again, This Year With a Twist!

The talented architect, designer and Iraqi icon, Hussain Harba, has stunned us again with a breathtaking collection that was featured in Milan Fashion Week 2020 among many high-end and international brands.

Harba was born in Babylon, Iraq, a city that was once a kingdom in ancient Mesopotamia whose ruins still lie in modern-day Iraq. At the age of 18, Harba moved to Perugia, Italy where he was enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic.

Right after graduation, he immediately began working as a designer for many famous Italian and international brands which was very rewarding for him because he succeeded in distinguishing himself in the field of design.

Harba is known for designing and creating one of a kind pieces, Harba will definitely stun you with every collection. This year, the talented designer approached Milan differently; after the runway show, he took to the streets of Milan with his beautiful models showcasing his new collection to the pedestrians.

Explained the reasons behind his passion and dedication for designing, Harba says, “The aesthetics and the study of the product are the basis of my creative process and the colors of the soul…this is my story, these are my creations, this is me.”

In the end, Harba and the models took over one of Milan’s oldest libraries where there was an Italian musician playing the Iraqi anthem on her violin. It was such a surreal moment to see someone who is now so admired and internationally recognized, but still didn’t forget his roots and the city that made him who he is today. It makes my heart ten times bigger because Hussain Harba is among the many Iraqis worldwide that are striving to represent our country in such an honorable way.

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