How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Murder You

Scared of your own cat? Well, you’re not alone. Many of us, cat owners, sometimes think they can never be afraid of their sweet little kittens. But there you are, sitting in your living room, five feet away, terrified from your own cat because it has been staring at you non-stop for about 10 minutes, thinking this is definitely not your little love-bug.

Whether it’s your new kitten or a cat you have owned forever, it doesn’t matter, because sometimes you feel like they have been possessed by the devil itself and have come into your life just to end it! If you are worried thought, that your cat is not just plotting to murder you and might actually be ill. Then it would be a good idea to take them to someone like this professional vet in Brunswick for a check up. You never know though it could be part of their master plan to have them take you to the vets and then murder you.

Here are a few signs to tell you if your cat is plotting to kill you:

Kneading on you


When your cat does that you may think its a sign of affection, but reality is, it’s just checking your weakest internal organs to kill you faster!

Excessive shoving of their litter


After they use their litter box, they usually start to excessively burry their litter, kicking sand all around. You might think it’s a natural animalistic thing they do, but no, this is just a practice for them to bury your own body!

The endless-staring


When you find your self sitting peacefully in your own house and your cat is just staring at you for no reason, don’t be scared! Do not cave in, because if you do, it will be a sign of your weakness and the attack will immediately follow!

Bringing dead animals


When your cat brings you a dead mouse or a dead bird, this is not a gift, it’s a warning sign. RUN!

Hiding behind the curtain and watching you


When you find your cat hiding in small areas or behind curtains, you need to know this is not your cat being cute or playing around, it’s actually hiding to watch you from a distance and study you in your natural habitat.

Animal planet style but more reserved.

Pawing on your face when you’re asleep at night

Via Tenor

When your cat does that, it’s not because they want to wake you up to feed them or play with them, this is actually an attempt to smother you! We all know it’s a failed attempt, but that won’t stop them.

Running around at speed of light


When you find your cat running around like crazy for no reason, they’re definitely not chasing anything. It’s practice; like a boot camp for them to build up their physical strength needed to commit the murder and leave the crime scene as fast as they can.

Sleep on your computer


When you’re working on your computer and then find your cat randomly sitting on it, this is an obvious attempt to destroy your electronics and any way of communication to the outside world. Stopping you from being abl to seek help from the outside world.

When they’re nice to other people


Not only is it proof that it has a personal problem with you, but when your cat is extra nice and cuddly to your friends and family when they come over, it’s a disguise, definitely playing the unusual suspect card.

WE SAID THIS : Never trust a cat!

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