How to Engage Employees at Work

In our business world today, with everything being so fast-paced in the workplace,  it’s now more important than ever to rely on our employees to work at their best level possible. In order to run a successful business, keeping employees engaged at work should be on your top priority list. Let’s go over some ways in which you can help spark some employee benefits through communication.

If you look around your office, you might find workers who come in on time, leave on time and aren’t actively engaged in anything but their workload. There’s nothing wrong with these types of employees as they can typically focus on the task at hand and nothing else. What could be missing though is them feeling as though they are a part of a bigger mission.

Engaging with your employees could help your workers stay in the field longer, and be more incentivized to work their way up, and become more of an asset to the team. 

Hire the right teams

Starting at the top, when you hire someone for a managerial position, it’s important to make sure that they are invested in your mission and have the right tools to help build powerful teams and empower employees they work with.

When you hire the right managers, they should be able to have the right resources and tools to thrive in their position as well as receive proper feedback, criticism and incentives to grow in their role. It’s also important to make sure their voice is valued and they have a clear set of expectations and goals for their role and priorities in the workplace.

Per the Conference Board study of 2006, engaged employees have been known to outperform disengaged employees by nearly 28%.

Discuss and check-in frequently

Sometimes employees find themselves pressured to finish a workload with their boss breathing down their neck. This isn’t constructive to keeping long term employees. You need to give your staff a little bit of breathing room, but also be able to check-in frequently to make sure things are running smoothly.

Don’t be afraid to run meetings, hold team brainstorming sessions or simply check-in via an email or two.  Not everyone will love meetings, so having different options for communication will bode well for different types of people. Learning about digital experience transformation might be a great place to start.

Get personal

Simply spending time getting to know who is working with you is a great way to engage your employees. Don’t be afraid to get a little bit personal to help build a stronger rapport. When you’re on break or reaching for another coffee, ask about their weekends, families and holidays. Employees that feel heard will be much more content in the workplace.

Support and Recognize Their Efforts

Recognize your team for their work efforts and acknowledge when tasks go well. Let them know they are a part of a bigger picture and encourage personal development.

Employee engagement is not just about knowing if your team will stay working in their field long term. It will also help you learn how committed, motivated and emotionally invested they are in their roles.

WE SAID THIS: An engaged team is a productive team!