Eight Hijabi Myths Uncovered


We came across this video a couple of weeks ago portraying hijabis in an “alternative” fashion, which got us thinking about the general hijab misconceptions we go through on a daily basis.



1. Contrary to popular belief, we do (unfortunately) not have a built in AC under our veils. And yes, times do occur when we do, in fact, feel overwhelmed from the summer heat. So next time you ask yourself, “How is she not dying in this weather?” Truth of the matter is, we probably are.

2. We do not stand as your or anyone else’s belief. A piece of fabric has never and will never represent a religion. Next time you’re wondering what a hijabi is doing in a “non decent” place, try and alter your perspective by wondering why it is you’re judging someone else’s actions. After you’re done doing that, the subject won’t matter to you as much.

3. It’s true, we do spend half our life wondering how to create a “non-bee2a” wedding dress. Yes, we believe in covering up even on the big day, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make it one of the hardest life tasks possible. All white fabric, no skin or hair showing? Let’s see what you can come up with. (Same goes for evening wear in general – mission bloody impossible.)

4. Generally speaking, we are not overtly religious nor do we know every Quran verse out there. I’m pretty much on the same “religious level” as you. Yes, wearing the veil is an action I have chosen to pursue, but that doesn’t really mean anything regarding my Islamic scholarly teachings. Don’t ask me for Islamic advice. I do not know.

5. I like my music. I like my hip hop, my alternative and my Miley Cyrus. And to your surprise, I like my music “not clean.” Yes, I know all the words to “Talk Dirty to Me” by heart. Such a kafra, right? But it is what it is and I’m fine with that. You should be, too.

6. Girls: We also have bad skin days, fashion issues, go through heartbreak and want to stay out later than curfew. FYI, girl issues are universal. The only advantage we get is that we can get away with bad hair days. Silk Christian Dior throw-on scarf, I love you.

7. Guys: We do shake hands, we can take a joke, we barely take offense. You may take down the guard you put up as soon as you see a fabric-clad head. I don’t need to explain how “open-minded” I am to every guy I meet in order for them to relax. It’s cool, we’re cool, chill the eff out. (Yes, sometimes we also use curse words – the shame.)

8. We do find it a bit awkward/weird when strangers come up to us and “advise” us to cover that extra bit of hair and wear looser pants or (when abroad) smile to us in acceptance for being veiled. Who are you? Don’t speak to me.


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