Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Speaks Out: Key Highlights From His Fiery Speech 

Certain incidents and circumstances can prompt public figures to speak up to the world and entice change. Along with the escalating clashes between Israel and Lebanon, the recent killing of Hamas’ most senior official, Salah al-Arouri, has sparked major outrage across the globe.

In response to the recent attack, Hezbollah’s Secretary General Nasrallah gave a resounding televised speech to the masses; here are the main takeaways:

Ongoing Operations Against Israel

Since October 7, Gaza has faced the beginning of its ongoing genocide, sparking outrage from global countries, one of which was Lebanon. As a consequence, the Islamic Resistance group known as Hezbollah responded to these attacks.

During his speech, Hezbollah made it clear that for the past 3 months, “the group [Hezbollah] has carried out around 670 operations, targeting 48 Israeli border positions and 11 rear sites.”

The Main Purpose Behind Lebanon’s Attacks

The Lebanese front has been attacking Israel for the sole purpose of reducing the pressure faced by Hamas and Gaza as well as reaching the final hope of many: a pinnacle ceasefire in Gaza.

The Number of Wounded Soldiers

With these ongoing operations, injuries are inevitable. Nasrallah said at least 12,000 soldiers have been wounded on both the Gazan and Lebanese fronts by the attacks thus far; yet, Israel hasn’t been transparent with the number of casualties.

The Arouri Assassination

Clashes and fighting between Israel and Lebanon have been happening for a while, but the recent killing of Arouri has led to fears of escalation. As per Nasrallah, there will be a “response and punishment,” and the “decision is now in the hands of the battlefield.”

The Gaza War Opens ‘Historic Opportunity’ for Lebanon

Nasrallah believes that the Gaza war has opened “a historic opportunity to completely liberate every inch of our Lebanese land.” He was mainly referring to Southern Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms and the town of Ghajar, which have been held by Israel since 1967.

The Secretary General’s resounding speech showcases how Lebanon won’t be stopping its efforts anytime soon but rather will push even harder to help Gaza reach a ceasefire.

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