Hesham Afifi Addresses The Pink Elephant in The Room … Hello Orange’s Dragon Ad

The last thing you would expect from a social media influencer is brutal honesty. Once you decide to go hand-in-hand with a brand to promote it, there is a limit you cannot cross with your honest review, otherwise they’ll drop you. For the past two weeks, we’ve been obsessing over a viral teaser, including Egypt’s biggest names on social media, for something callled “El-Teneen”.

It was, hands-down, hilarious!  Watching Amr Wahba, Marwan Younis, Hesham Mansour and Hesham Afifi bring their magic together on screen is definitely one for the books. Some speculated that the four content creators decided to start their own show. Alas, days later Orange released a new ad promoting a new data package, Dragon. The advert, targeting the ever-changing youth, was a rap song starring the four comedians, alongside Jamila Awad, Mohamed Boraiy and Khaled Jwad. 

The feedback and criticism were all over the place. From fans disappointed in their favorite comedians going commercial and working with other content creators they didn’t like, to others calling it a brilliant move that represents the younger generation.

Yet, today the only video that matters is Hesham Afifi’s strategic analysis for the ad. Afifi, creative content creator and Youtuber, is well-known for his series of videos called “El-Ta7lil El-Estrategy” where he lays it all on the table of painful honesty. Now the last thing we expected was for him to release a video targeting an ad which starred none other than himself and we are absolutely in love.

This is a refreshing change to the world of influencers. It is a brilliant move from a man who knew he might lose some of his audience. Throwing diplomatic shade at your own project never sounded better.

Watch Hesham Afifi addressing the pink elephant in the room below:

التحليل الاستراتيجي : حملة اورانج – دراجون

ارنب ؟لمفضلي اليوتيوب : https://youtu.be/D4nfbNXuIHU

Posted by ‎Hesham Afifi – هشام عفيفي‎ on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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