Cairo’s Opera Metro Station Gets A Stunning Makeover

Egypt’s youth has been proving, time after time, that they’re one of a kind and we can’t be prouder. One thing Egypt is deprived of is street arts. We’ve been dreaming of that joyous feeling you get when you travel to London or Barcelona, walk through their metro stations and see all the wall graffitis and live bands, but on the other hand our underground is nothing but chaos and dull walls.

Along comes an incredible group of artists who call themselves “Mobdeoun” and gave Cairo’s Opera metro station a complete makeover. Inspired by space constellations, Mobeoun started an initiative called “Tigi Nelawenha” (translated to let’s color it) and the results are jaw-dropping.

Faces of Egyptian icons as Faten Hamam and Naguib Mahfouz graced some of the planets painted on the walls. People are already taking selfies and it’s quickly turning into the prettiest thing that happened to Egypt in 2018.

Check the incredible art below:

Via Aly Fahim
Via Aly Fahim
Via Aly Fahim
Via Aly Fahim
Via Aly Fahim
Via beauty Plus

WE SAID THIS: If only everywhere in Cairo was that pretty!

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