7 Times Egyptians Have Proven That They’re The Masters Of “Thinking Out Of the Box”

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We all know that Egyptians are quite smart, that’s a fact we cannot deny. How they utilize their brains is something else, but they have definitely proven throughout history that they can excel in different fields. Be it science, art, music, cinema, literature, you name it! What you probably don’t realize is that one doesn’t need to be a genius or a Nobel prize winner for us to embrace his intelligence. In fact, normal people like you and me could be super smart and even innovative at times. They would even utilize their creativity and innovation in the weirdest and the quirkiest ways possible. You stroll down the streets everyday and notice things you’d probably see only in Egypt. Even though you might perceive some of these things as odd; and sometimes even look down on them, but you can’t deny that they were somehow smart moves. Here are seven times Egyptians have really proven themselves as creative, innovative and inventive.

Using car keys to move the hookah’s charcoal

Because why wait for the shisha guy anyway?

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Taxi drivers closing the door on those orange towels leaving them to hang outside as they drive

Did you know that this was for them to dry?

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Using car honking as a coded language

It’s used to express anger, there are codes to curse other drivers, and there’s even a code used for catcalling!

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Wrapping ice packs around hookah hoses way before inventing what is known as “Shisha Ice”

Way before that bulky hose with ice inside of it was introduced to the market, some unknown guy, hanging out at a local coffeeshop, came up with the idea. Guys used to wrap ice packs around their hoses before the commercial “Shisha Ice” even came to life.

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Hijabis placing their phones under their veils

We’ve been seeing this sight for more than a decade now, but even though it looks odd for most of us, we can’t deny this was a super smart/practical move. How else would mamas control the little monsters? They can’t take their flying slippers to the streets after all.

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Sweeping the floor with an old t-shirt

Remember that old t-shirt of yours that you gave away to your younger brother? One day you’ll probably walk into the bathroom to find it soaked in a bucket full of soap and water alongside the mops and other cleaning equipment.

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Using old newspapers instead of a table cloth when eating

Egyptian logic says that table cloths aren’t meant to be stained; especially plastic ones. That’s why old newspapers are used as an extra cover when people get together for a feast.

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