7 Times Egyptians Have Proven That They’re The Masters Of “Thinking Out Of the Box”

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We all know that Egyptians are quite smart, that’s a fact we cannot deny. How they utilize their brains is something else, but they have definitely proven throughout history that they can excel in different fields. Be it science, art, music, cinema, literature, you name it! What you probably don’t realize is that one doesn’t need to be a genius or a Nobel prize winner for us to embrace his intelligence. In fact, normal people like you and me could be super smart and even innovative at times. They would even utilize their creativity and innovation in the weirdest and the quirkiest ways possible. You stroll down the streets everyday and notice things you’d probably see only in Egypt. Even though you might perceive some of these things as odd; and sometimes even look down on them, but you can’t deny that they were somehow smart moves. Here are seven times Egyptians have really proven themselves as creative, innovative and inventive.

1 Using car keys to move the hookah’s charcoal

Using car keys to move the hookah’s charcoal
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Because why wait for the shisha guy anyway?