Heritage Meets Hermès: Once Upon A Bag Exhibition Adds Qatar To Its International Tour

When we think of luxury and fashion, we can’t help but think of Hermès. An Hermès bag is more than just a bag, it’s a statement. The brand continues to celebrate it’s legacy through their “Hermès Heritage” touring exhibitions series. The previous series included “Harnessing the Roots” in Beverly Hills, “Rouges Hermès” in New Delhi and “In Motion” in Vietnam. Hermès has recently announced their “Once upon a bag” exhibition which is the fourth chapter in the exhibition cycle and they are brining it to the Middle East. It is set to take place in Doha between the 28 May and the 11 June at The National Museum of Qatar, Doha. If you are a fashion enthusiast this one is for you.

Once upon a bag exhibition is the chapter that is dedicated to the bag, a fundamental item of the Hermès identity. With over 50 bag models being exhibited, the exhibition tells a story devoted to each bag and how it came to be. When you hear the name Hermès, it is likely that you automatically think of the pricy and most sought after Birkin bag donned by some of the most influential women in history. Whilst this is the most well known style of bag designed by Hermès, there is so much more to the other family of bags. The exhibition will host bags from both the men and women collection, and display styles that are both practical everyday bags, unconventional artistic bags as well as sports and travel bags.

Considered an Hermès first born, the exhibition starts with displaying the “Haut a Courroies” bag. The display of this bag highlights the deep rooted equestrian background of Hermès. The bag was designed with the purpose of transporting and storing saddles and riding boots whilst also offering riders a polished accessory. The exhibition continues into categorized themes, with a designated area for each style of bag such as the adored “Kelly”, “Constance” and “Simone”. Another bag we are excited to see is the “Sac pour l’auto”. Its first model to incorporate a zipper offering women more privacy and security alongside the savvy fashion.

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The story is that for many women a bag is not just a practical item but a statement you chose to make. In an interview with Harpar Bazzar , Marie-Amélie, Director of the Conservatory of Creations commented, “every part of a silhouette tells us about the society in which we live”. Through the exhibition Hermès is telling a story of women through history. The “Constance” bag for example contains an H-shaped fastener and an adjustable strap, it was designed that way to accommodate the needs of women in an era where women had just begun to travel and work.

WE SAID THIS: If you are in to fashion or you will be in Doha do not miss this Hermès exhibition.